Veterans Services

Welcome Veterans, Current Military, and Dependents

We welcome you to Whatcom Community College where your service is recognized and appreciated. Most importantly, we want to thank you for your service to our country and the sacrifices you have made, and continue to make, to ensure our freedom and way of life.

The following links are designed to provide you with the tools and resources necessary for a successful educational experience at Whatcom Community College.

Whatcom's Veterans Safe Zone ProgramVet_Safe_Zone.jpg

We are pleased to inform you about our 'Veteran Safe Zone' program here at Whatcom Community College. This Program was developed at Whatcom and initiated on campus in 2008 by veterans, dependents of veterans and veteran supporters as a visible showing of our support from our faculty and staff. Any staff member that displays one of these logos on their office door or wall has made a conscious decision to provide an area and a set of ears to a veteran. These faculty and staff members are not counselors, but they are people that care about your needs. Many of these staff members are veterans themselves, some are just people who want to help and lend support in this way.

If you are having a rough day and need to vent, ask for advice, talk about school, work or prior experiences, or just need a quiet place to sit and gather your thoughts, these people have made their office a welcome place for you.

The Veterans Safe Zone Program was developed by Whatcom students and staff and was enthusiastically implemented on campus in Fall 2008. This is an ongoing commitment of support from Whatcom's faculty and staff to our veterans and current military.

National Guard or reserve students

A member of the Washington National Guard or any other military reserve component who is a student at an institution of higher education and who is ordered for a period of 30 days or less to either active or inactive state or federal service and as a result of that service or a follow-up medical treatment for injury incurred during that service misses any of the following: class, test, examination, laboratory, class day on which a written or oral assignment is due, or other event upon which a course grade or evaluation is based, is entitled to make up these events without prejudice to the final course grade or evaluation. The makeup must be scheduled after the member's return from service and after a reasonable time for the student to prepare for the event.

For more information about this statute please contact the Veterans Office in Laidlaw Center, room 117 or 360.383.3015.

Whatcom Recognizes All Who Have Served

We look forward to seeing you on our campus soon. The Veterans Office and Whatcom Community College thank you for your service and dedication. We look forward to helping you succeed and accomplish all your educational goals.

Veteran Faculty and Staff at Whatcom


Thank you for your service!