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Lucas Nydam,

Marco Morales,
Executive Vice President

Jessica Duncan,
Director of Clubs and Organizations

Allie Smith,
Director of Operations

Justin Ferguson,
Campus Leadership Coordinator

Alitzel Jimenez-Fonseca,
Campus Leadership Coordinator

Karan Malhotra

Campus Leadership Coordinator

Alan Alatorre,
Campus Leadership Coordinator




Student Senate

The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College (ASWCC) represent students in many important ways. It serves as an advocate for solving student problems, reviews college policies affecting students, holds issue forums, and conducts surveys to determine student needs. The ASWCC Council of Representatives has significant input into college decision making, with students serving as members of college committees such as the Budget Advisory Committee and the Campus Planning Committee. With other students around the state, it represents student concerns to the Washington State Legislature and to state officials. It manages the Services and Activities Fee budget, sets goals and priorities, and develops a proposed budget for approval by the WCC Board of Trustees.

The Services and Activities Fee budget is derived from fees that each student pays as part of tuition. With these funds, the Council of Representatives supports services such as the Office of Student Life, the student newspaper, WCC Student Activities Committee, intercollegiate and intramural sports, co-curricular programs and student clubs.

Membership on the council offers an opportunity for students to earn college credits and a stipend while gaining valuable leadership experience, which can be applied to future endeavors, such as business, community activities, or government service.


Vision Statement

ASWCC aims to achieve a dynamic campus environment in which all students are represented and have an opportunity to participate.

Mission Statement

To serve students by providing diverse opportunities for campus involvement, to build campus community and represent student concerns in college decision-making.

S&A Expenditures for 2011-2012

In accordance with House Bill 2352, the following information outlines the S&A Expenditures starting July 1, 2011 ending on June 30, 2012. The document can be found here.