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Anime/Animation Club!


Winter 2014 Meeting Schedule:

Every Thursday from 4:00pm - 5:30pm

In either Heiner 208 or Cascade 110


Mission and Goals:

To provide a friendly environment where students can discuss animation from Japan, America, and more. Also to allow students to participate in the cultural/creative aspects associated with animation, such as: Drawing, Costuming, Comics, Animating, and more!


Planned Activities:


-Film Studies

-Film Reviews

-Cosplay tutorials (sewing, armor making,etc)

-Animation creation

-History of Animation


We also have plans to create our own short animation as a group where students will work together and learn how to be animators, background artists, musicians, writers, editors, sound effect artists, voice actors, and more!



Jarrett Martin -Club President  -

Myra Moeller -Vice President

Katherine Deboer- Secretary



Amanda Martin -

Nick Potter -


Facebook page

Please join our facebook group for meeting locations and being able to participate in club polls!



Please contact if you have any questions regarding meeting times, etc.