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Criminal Justice Leadership Club

Club News!

Winter 2014 Meeting Schedule

Wednesdays - 4:00pm in Kulshan 222


The Purpose of the American Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Leadership Program is to:

  • Assist members in gaining practical experience in the field of administration of justice
  • Offer members the opportunity to network with established criminal justice professionals
  • Develop opportunities to participate in training seminars, guest speaker lectures, and field trips
  • Provide members with career advice and counseling
  • Develop members for future leadership roles by participating as club officers or committee members


Club Officers:

Dustin Westhoff - Chief

Cody Purcell - Deputy Chief of Administration

Xiani Jimenez - Deputy Chief of Operations


Club Advisor:

John JT Taylor


Facebook Page:  WCC Criminal Justice Leadership Program

List of Major Law Enforcement Agencies and Information

Agency Hiring Requirements, Job Postings, and Information

Police/Sheriff/County Departments