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Meet the WCC Ambassadors



Amy Yi

Hello my name is Amy Yi and I am studying communications to transfer to a four year university and purse in becoming a professional translator. Besides school, I love to sing, dance and volunteer for church! I'm also active and love doing sports like hiking and golf! I am honored to join the Ambassador team because I have already learned so much leadership and communication skills; most importantly I have met many wonderful people. I look forward to continue learning and to continuously experience everything the team is offered! If you ever see me around campus, make sure to stop me because I would love to get to know you!


Bri Martin  

Hello! My name is Bri Martin. I'm currently a senior at Bellingham high school and a full time Running Start student! This will be my second year at Whatcom and I am doing general studies to get my transfer degree and move onto the University of Washington next fall. I am still undecided on what exactly to study but I really enjoy science and journalism. I hope to find a career that can somehow combine the two. In my free time I like to read, bake, listen to music, crochet and play with my cat. I'm super stoked to be an ambassador this year and meet all the awesome people that go to Whatcom. I'm looking forward to an awesome year!


Caleb Graves 

Hello everyone, my name is Caleb Graves, currently I am a sophomore and in my 2nd year here at WCC. I am a WCC Ambassador and I also play soccer here at WCC. I am pursuing a degree in Kinesiology and hope to transfer and play soccer at WWU. I'm very excited to be an ambassador here at Whatcom and look forward to meeting new people and being involved in student leadership. I only hope I can make a positive impact on those around me during my time here at WCC. Go Orcas!


Christi Hunt

My name is Christie Hunt, and this is my second year at Whatcom Community College. I graduated from Meridian High School in 2012, and I am currently working on my AA transfer degree to a university. I love musical theater and spending time with my chickens. I have enjoyed my time at Whatcom as an Orca, and I hope to be able to make any new students feel more welcome at Whatcom. 


Eric Fiore

Hi, my name is Eric Fiore.  I am a nontraditional student.  I decided to go to Whatcom Community College after a long career in the Fire and Water Damage Industry.  I entered the Computer Information Systems Certification Program at Whatcom Community College. After being on campus for a short time, I joined the student body as a Senator. I represent about thirty students, as well as the rest of the student body.  Being a part of the Student Life at WCC has been so much fun.  My life has never been more filling.  The staff, administration, faculty, instructors, and students at WCC are the most thoughtful and caring people in my life.


Fahren Mansour

Hello, my name is Fahren Mansour and this is my second year here at WCC. I graduated from Bellingham high school with the class 2012. I am quite enthralled to become an ambassador this year ! My plan is to finish my AA degree and then transfer off to a four year university. My overall plan to  eventually attend graduate school, so I am going to be a student for a while! I also work off campus at a law firm. I am excited for this years adventure and all of the good vibes that shall bring !


Grace Flora 

Hi, I'm Grace Flora and feel so lucky to have the opportunity to serve as a student ambassador this year!  I'm a bit of a nontraditional student.  I attended Western Washington University and have a Bachelor's degree in history and Spanish.  After a few years out of school I've decided to pursue physical therapy as a career.  My goal is to get into graduate school and I am thrilled to be able to fulfill most of the prerequisite coursework at Whatcom.  I am even happier to get involved with student life and be informed about the great resources and community that is thriving at Whatcom.  I've learned so much already  and hope that we as ambassadors can welcome new students into the community and make an impact for years to come.  Go orcas!


Kevin Weaver  

Hello, My name is Kevin Weaver. Originally from California, this is currently my second year at Whatcom. I am proud to say I represent Whatcom as a Student Ambassador as well as a player on the WCC soccer team. My goal is to finish my degree here at Whatcom, and then join the military and represent my country. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet new people and fellow students on campus. I hope I can help anywhere it's needed , and I'm excited for what the year holds!


Melissa Degraaff

Hey! I'm Melissa, and this is my second year here at Whatcom. I'm really loving it at this school, especially now that I'm involved with student life, so I'm sad that I'm almost done, but also excited to move on to a university. As to which one and what I'll be studying, I'm still undecided, but I'm hoping to get that all figured out soon. In my free time I love to read, knit, and play with my chinchilla. I know this year is going to be great, and I hope you'll love it here as much as I do.