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Many Services...One Card...THE ORCA STUDENT ID CARD

The Orca Cardorca_card_generic.jpg

Every new WCC student will be issued an Orca ID card. Incorporated into the new card is a smart chip and a magnetic strip that communicates with card-reader equipment. It uses contact-less technology, so a user only needs to bring it within a few inches of a reader for it to work. It has a bar code for library check outs and a magnetic strip to swipe for door access and purchasing.

It is the goal of the College to enable students, faculty and staff to use their Orca Card to be identified and pay for many goods and services on and off campus. As a security measure, there will be no personal information stored on the Orca Card.

About the Card

It's the way to pay for everything you need. Orca Cash is the convenient, cashless way to pay on and off campus.

It's a card that acts like a debit card where funds are deposited into an individual's, unique account. Funds are then drawn down as services or goods are purchased. It will also have a variety of sub-account categories in which funds can be deposited and designated for specific purchases.  Unlike a debit card, cash cannot be withdrawn from the card. 

The ORCA Card is currently used as the official Student ID. It can be used for purchases at:

  • Vending machines
  • Campus printers and copy machines
  • The campus bookstore
  • The Dockside Café and its satellite coffee stands

It is also used to:

  • Check out library books and pay fines
  • Attend sporting and other events at Whatcom Community College

Orca Cash actually makes your dollar worth more! Free prints are provided, discounts are given, and other incentives are offered.... just for using your Orca Cash!

WTA Passes

Show your Orca Card at the WCC Bookstore to get a discount bus pass! 

Stuff You Should Know

There is a lot of other information you should know about the Orca Card.  Click on the topics below that you'd like to learn more about.

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