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Mission Statement

The mission of Whatcom Community College's Online Math Center is to provide free access to a wide range of resources related to mathematics, its application, technology, and mathematics education.

Design Tied to College Goals

The resources found on the Online Math Center are intended to enhance the achievement of the goals of Whatcom Community College which were adopted by the Board of Trustees on February 20, 2013:

Goal 1: Expand opportunities for students to achieve their potential
Goal 2: Strengthen the culture of learning
Goal 3: Contribute actively to the vitality of Whatcom County
Goal 4: Advance the college as a more diverse learning community
Goal 5: Strengthen the College’s ability to deliver its mission

Design of the Online Math Center

The Online Math Center has been designed around two main themes, Teaching Math and Learning Math. Three additional Categories are present which contain materials related to Teaching and Learning Math. These are:  Math Resources, Calculators, and Math Events.

Learning Math

Under Learning Math, there is a set of topics which is regularly updated. There are links to tutorial sites on the Web as well as on campus. Users have access to Web help pages and may find information about Whatcom Math Placement and Math Classes offered at Whatcom.  Scholarship information and other forms of financial aid may be found here.

Teaching Math

You will find how math is used under Applications of Math and also under Real Data. Use “Live Math” to visualize mathematical concepts in 2 and 3 dimensions. The Math Calendar can locate the birthdays of mathematicians for any day of the year as well as provide information about many different calendars. A broad array of materials from prepared lesson plans to graph paper is found under Teaching Resources. To locate a Whatcom Math faculty member or find a textbook publisher, use the resources provided under this section.

Math Resources

Intended to support undergraduate research in mathematics are the categories of Current Research, Libraries, Journals, and References.  Professional contacts in the field of mathematics are found under Colleges and Math Departments along with Professional Organizations. To support the study of mathematics are Grants and Math Software.


This section is dedicated to information about and the operation of Casio, Texas Instrument, and Hewlett Packard graphing calculators and data gathering devices. There are links to tutorials about using specific calculators, sites from which programs for specific models of graphing calculators may be downloaded, and “Other” calculator information.

Math Events

Local, State, Regional, and Nationwide, and International Mathematical Contests, Meetings, and Conferences are listed here. Problems of the Week from a variety of sources are found in this section of the Online Math Center.

The creation of the Online Math Center was funded through the U. S. Department of Education Title III Grant PO31A980143.