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The WCC Math Center is part of the College's Learning Center and is located in Cascade Hall. The Math Center offers students drop-in assistance with math problems in a supportive environment.

Office & Location

WCC Math Center
(at the Learning Center)
Cascade Building Room 113
Learning Center (360) 383-3090

Get help with:

  • math concepts
  • alternative math texts
  • the Online Math Center
  • math software
  • calculators
  • and programs for calculators


  • Jason Babcock, Math Center Coordinator
    Office phone: (360) 383-3099

  • Jason Babcock, Interim Learning Center Director
    Office phone: (360) 383-3099

Hours of operation

  • Fall: Mon-Thu 9a-6p & Fri. 9a-2p
  • Winter: Mon-Thu 9a-6p & Fri. 9a-2p
  • Spring: Mon-Thu 9a-6p & Fri. 9a-2p
  • Summer: Mon-Thu 10a - 2:30p & Closed Fridays

Scheduled Staff Math TutorContent42.jpg

If you require math tutoring – please first utilize the Math Center and if that does not work for you – ask the staff of the Learning Center how to schedule time with the Staff Math Tutor.

Students may sign up for a maximum of three 25-minute individual sessions per week with the Staff Math Tutors. Generally Staff Math Tutors are available M-Th 9:30am-5:30pm and F: 9:30am – 1:30pm; students are advised to check the posted schedule outside the Staff Math Tutoring room CAS116 (Closed in Summer).

Reminders to students:

  1. You should use the Math Lab earlier rather than later in the Quarter.
    (Tutors are talented but magic is not one of their skills).
  2. You should take personal responsibility for your education.
    (Tutors are trained to assist, not simply supply answers).
  3. You should use the Math Lab as well as attend class, do homework, read the text, and use Faculty Office Hours
    (Tutors are not substitute teachers when you choose to skip class)