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College Level: Math 107,121,141,142,145,146 or Math 151


Information about the College Level Mathematics Assessment: Math 107 (formerly 125), 121, 141 (formerly 130), 142 (formerly 131), 145 (formerly 155), 146, and 151 (formerly 200) Placement Test

1. Students will be given the Math Placement Survey. On the basis of the answers to the survey, the student will be given the opportunity to take the College Level Math Placement Test.

2. A student may retake the Placement Test only once. It must be retaken after 10 working days of the first time the test was taken.

3. Students MAY NOT:

a). Take the placement test after having completed a math class at Whatcom.

b). Take the placement test as an attempt to place in the next course after having failed to achieve a grade of C or better in Math 107,121,141,142,145,146,151.

c). Use the Placement Test as a Course Challenge.

4. There are two parts to this test: Part one is Pre-Calculus. Students will have 60 minutes to complete 37 questions. If a student's results make them eligible to take Math 142, they have the option to take an additional 30 minute Calculus test. Students will have 30 minutes to complete 13 questions. See placement levels below.

5. The test will be available in the testing center. Students should be instructed to contact the testing center regarding dates and times the testing center is open.

6. NO CALCULATOR will be allowed on this exam.

7. Upon completion of the exam, all scratch paper and score sheets will be collected from the student


To be successful on the College Level Math Placement Test, the student should be competent in:

Function notation

Evaluating Functions

Working with the inverse of a function

Use of Completing the Square to rewrite an expression in Standard Form

Solutions of quadratic equations (real and complex)

Solutions of quadratic inequalities

Solutions of third degree equations

Solutions of power/exponential functions

Solutions of logarithmic equations

Evaluating logarithmic expressions

Use of logarithmic laws/properties

Ascertaining transformations of functions

Determining the domain and/or range of a function

Working with Exponential Functions and their Application

Working with Complex Numbers

Function Composition

Identification of centers and/or foci of conics

Use of Division and Remainder Algorithm

Working with Asymptotes of Rational Functions

Working with Matrices

Factoring over real and complex numbers

Algebraic Solutions of Systems of Equations

Determining the Slope between two points on a curve using function notation.

Simplifying Radical Expressions

You must have a score of 27-37 to be eligible to take the Calculus Test. This test is optional and is an additional 30 minutes.

To be successful on the Math 151 placement test, the student should be competent in:

Definition of Trigonometric Functions

Solutions of trigonometric functions

Evaluating Trigonometric Functions without a Calculator

Knowledge of Pythagorean and of double angle identities

Evaluation of a function using a table

Inverse Trigonometric Relationships

The Period and Amplitude of a trigonometric function

Application of trigonometry


Recommended text to study for the College Level Math Placement Test:

Ronald E. Larson, Robert P. Hostetler, and Bruce H. Edwards
Precalculus with Limits: A Graphing Approach , 5th. Edition
Houghton Mifflin Company (2008)

Math 107,121,141,142,145,146 Placement Scores

Score for Pre-Calculus and Placement

Below 16 Take Math 98, 99 Placement Test

16-26 Math 107, 121, 141, 145, 146
27-37 Math 142

Math 151 Placement Scores

Score for Calculus and Placement
0-8 Math 142
9-13 Math 151

Revised September 2014