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At the left, you will find hyperlinks to information related to Whatcom Community College’s Math Placement tests. All students who have not completed college level math must take a math placement test in a scheduled group testing session (call 360.383.3080 for an appointment) or in the College’s Testing Center. The mathematics department at Whatcom has designed these Placement Tests to assist students and advisors in placing students new to Whatcom in their first mathematics course at the College.

Scheduling Your Placement Test
Information related to the location, hours of operation, fees, and placement tests taken at other institutions may be found by selecting the WCC Placement Testing Times and Location fifth link at the left.

Specific Placement Test Information

Select the category of test (Basic Math, Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, or College Level) from the list at the left.  Other information under specific tests include: the amount of time allowed to complete a test, procedures used for taking a test, use of calculators, and policies related to prerequisite and course challenges.

At the moment, “Practice Tests” with specific problems for prospective Whatcom Community College students are not available. However, lists of skills that appear on specific WCC Math Placement Tests are outlined under the WCC Math Placement Info at the left. 

The following free websites are provided for students who wish to review their math skills before attempting a Placement Test:

Math TV
Videos (Basic Math to Calculus)
When you reach the Math TV homepage, select lectures from menu in the left panel. 

SAT Practice Tests Solved (Kahn Academy)
Videos related to SAT Practice Test Solutions.

Math Lectures (Khan Academy)
Videos (Basic Math to Calculus and above)
Scroll down to math topics when you reach the homepage.

Math TV and Khan Academy are independent websites and are not associated with Whatcom Community College.