Advising & Registration

If you are a future student, your first step is to apply for admission. To do this, go to Getting Started and select the category that best describes your situation. From there you will be given information on assessment, advising and registration appointments. If you are a currently enrolled student, the advising and registration process occurs every quarter.

Online/distance advising is a service for students at Whatcom. It is intended primarily for students too far away to come to campus. Students planning to take classes for a Transfer Degree can contact Leslie Clark at Students interested in Professional Technical Programs such as Nursing, Physical Therapist Assistant and Visual Communications, can contact Dave Knapp at Keep checking back as Whatcom will be creating a web page with much more information about online/distance advising including how best to access this service, how to get started at Whatcom, and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Quarterly Advising

Get an early start planning your next quarter! In addition to the published quarterly class schedules, the following online resources are available at My OASIS to help you prepare for registration.

  • Class Schedule - Use this online version of quarterly schedules which lists classes either by discipline or by class item number.
  • Schedule Planner - Use this online tool to plan a class schedule that fits your life's schedule.

Meet with an advisor to review your next quarter's plan. Call the Entry & Advising Center at (360) 383-3080 to make an appointment or inquire about drop-in hours. During registration access periods, advisors are available for quick questions only.

Note: Click Educational Planning for more information about developing a long-range educational plan. 


You are assigned a registration access date and time approximately two months before the quarter starts and will be notified by email. After email notifications have been sent, you can view your registration time by logging into your account on My OASIS. You will be able to register for classes approximately one month before the quarter begins if you applied by the deadline. Current students are automatically assigned a registration date.

You can register any time after your access date in person or online . Always plan your class schedule and meet with an advisor ahead of time to get the the optimal schedule for meeting graduation requirements.

Tuition and Fees are due prior to the start of classes. Check the Registration Calendar for specific dates.



Registration Office

Laidlaw Center 102
9 am - 5 pm Monday - Thursday
9 am - noon - Friday
360.383.3030 phone
360.383.3031 fax

Entry & Advising Office

Laidlaw Center 116
9 am - 5 pm Monday - Thursday
9 am - noon - Friday
360.383.3080 phone
360.383.3081 fax

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