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  • "Talking with Children about Race" Conference

    Recent research has shown that children have very complex understandings of differences and stereotypes. Far from being color-blind, most children are aware of how their own skin color is an advantage or a disadvantage. They also judge their peers based on stereotypes that adults might like to believe they are unaware of. Because of this, it is important to give youth anti-bias messages, through actions and words, to actively counter what they are witnessing in the world. They also need to learn how to advocate for themselves and others.

    In this workshop we will explore how young people in early childhood through their teen years learn and practice racism and privilege. you will learn strategies to teach youth how to stand up and confront bias they encounter. The facilitators draw from their diverse experiences to engage parents, teachers, and committed community members in this vital work for equality.

    Visit www.culturesconnecting.com for more information or contact/visit the Student Life Office in Syre 208.