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Current Running Start Students

Welcome to the new school year! 

Running Start Office Launches Text Services

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Winter Quarter advising is just around the corner

Check your mailboxes in October for your Registration Packet.  Please make sure your address is up-to-date in MyWCC.

Is the road ahead clear?

We recommend all students meet with an advisor to map out their time in Running Start.  Students can make an appointment with the Running Start office to create an educational plan for the duration of their time in Running Start.  Creating a Roadmap can also help to make sure the courses you select align with your longterm goals.  Click here to print a Roadmap.  Please make sure the Running Start Office has an updated Roadmap on file for you.

Tuition and fees

Running Start funding covers tuition only for college-level credits (courses numbered 100 and above) during fall, winter and spring quarters. Running Start students owe tuition for classes numbered under 100 and for college-level credits over 15 per quarter. Tuition will be charged for combined high school and college credits exceeding 120% of full time. This chart is a guideline of possible high school and college combinations that fall within the 120% funding cap. Fee waiver students are exempt from the funding limits but must pay tuition for classes numbered under 100.

Placement testing fee (waived for low income):
$20.00 (one-time fee, covers additional placement tests and retests)

Lab & materials fees (cannot be waived):  
Art and Art-Graphics – $15-$25, varies by class
Science classes – $20 - 30
Nursing 100 – $75
Dance - $25
CIS - $15-$25
PE 126 - $20
Other courses to be determined

Student fees (waived for low income):
Please click here to see an explanation current fees.

Fee waivers:
Low income RS students should submit a Fee Waiver Petition form to have certain fees waived and to be exempt from the funding limits. Students may be eligible for a Fee Waiver if receiving free/reduced meals at high school, or receiving public assistance from a state or federal program. Visit the Running Start Office for the petition form, or click here to view the form. Please submit petitions prior to placement testing or by the first day of the quarter.

Tuition rates fall, winter and spring quarters 2015-16:
Resident Tuition: $108.75 per credit

Online course tuition and fees:
Running Start students will not be charged extra for college-level online courses unless the online credits are part of a quarterly total of college-level credits that exceeds 15, or a combined high school and college credit load that exceeds 120% of full time. Fee waiver students are exempt from the funding limits.

Unpaid tuition and fees:
Running Start students will not be dropped from classes for unpaid fees and/or partial tuition amounts. Students will be dropped from classes for which full tuition is due and not paid by the deadline. Until all financial obligations to the College are met, students will be blocked from future registration at WCC, and cannot receive official transcripts.



Running Start students are expected to obtain their own textbooks and course materials. Most students will purchase their books from the WCC Bookstore. Click here for more tips on obtaining books. Students who cannot afford all of their books may be eligible to borrow some of their textbooks from the Running Start Book Loan program.