Worker Retraining

Worker Retraining can pay for tuition, books, and other items based on student eligibility and available funds. This training can range from several classes over 1 quarter to a full 1 or 2-year Professional/Technical degree. These funds do not have to be paid back. We'll walk you through each process:

  • Financial Aid
  • Educational Planning
  • Emplyment Security Compliance

We're Here to Help You Make It Happen

We know that retraining programs can be complicated. Whatcom Community College's Worker Retraining staff are here to help you understand when to do each step, what paperwork to file, and what's required to coordinate financial aid, degree progress, and unemployment benefits and requirements.

  • Whatcom Community College Offers Professional/Technical Training
  • The Professional/Technical training programs are developed with the involvement of local employers
  • Quality instruction and the use of technology in the classroom
  • Internship opportunities that can lead directly to employment
  • Job preparation, resume review, and job search assistance in the Career Center

Qualifications for Training Through Worker Retraining

Eligibility involves a variety of factors, but you may qualify if your circumstances fit into one of these four categories:

1. Unemployment / Facing Layoff

  • Currently receiving unemployment benefits, OR
  • Have received unemployment benefits within the last 24 months, OR
  • Are facing a layoff

2. Displaced Homemaker
Were dependent on the income of another family member but are no longer supported by that income

3. Self-Employed Facing Economic Downturn
Were operating your own business and are unemployed because of general economic conditions in your community

4. Veteran
Received an honorable discharge within the last 2 years

Contact the Worker Retraining Coordinator
Phone: 360.383.3057
Location: Laidlaw Center, Room 116

Email: for more information.