IBEST Program

Integrated Basic Education & Skills Training (IBEST)

IBEST Coordinator
Carla Gelwicks, Director for Transitional Programs

IBEST Program Advisor
Yusuke Okazaki


What is IBEST?

IBEST pairs two instructors in the classroom - one to teach professional and technical content and the other to teach basic skills in reading, math, or English language.


What IBEST programs are at WCC?

  • Medical Assisting - applications available May 1, 2014 (Fall start)
  • NAC (Nursing Assistant Certified) - applications available Sept 8, 2014 (Winter start) 
  • IBEST_MA_and_NAC_2014-15.pdf


What kind of support will IBEST provide?

  • An IBEST instructor will be in most of your credit classes. This instructor will co-teach with your content instructor to make sure that you understand all of the information and assignments in the class.
  • The IBEST instructor will teach a separate support class where you will work on the difficult concepts that came up in your class, study skills, and homework assignments.
  • You will be participating in IBEST as a cohort, a group of students that take all of the classes together. You will form study groups from your cohort where you can work together on assignments and studying for class.


What kind of financial aid is available?

You are strongly encouraged to fill out a FAFSA (Federal Application For Student Aid) if you are considering this program. Completing a FAFSA can make you eliglble for several grants and scholarships, including the Opportunity Grant.


How do I apply?

  • Students must fill out an IBEST application and meet with Carla Gelwicks, Director for Transitional Programs. You may schedule an appointment by calling (360) 383.3061.
  • Students do NOT need to have taken the college assessment to be eligible for IBEST.