How to Apply

What is the application process & deadline?

The on-campus PTA core courses start each fall quarter and the online/hybrid PTA core courses start each spring quarter. There is an application deadline prior to each program start as follows.

  • Fall 2015 On-Campus PTA Program Deadline - April 30, 2015
  • Spring 2016 Online/hybrid PTA Program Deadline - November 19, 2015


All application requirements must be complete by the application deadline.

1 - Apply to Whatcom Community College.

Students must be enrolled at WCC and have an active student identification number (SID) in order to apply to the PTA program and pay related fees.

2 - Obtain and complete PTA selective application forms.

To obtain PTA selective application forms...

3 - Pay application fee and submit all supporting application materials.

Students must pay a $50 program application fee and submit application forms with all supporting materials, on or before the application deadline to be considered.

How Are Students Selected for the PTA Program?

The PTA Program Selection Committee will review applicants...