Common Course Numbering

Common Course Numbering (CCN) is a state-wide project among the community and technical colleges to share identical Course ID's (disciplines and numbers) and titles for selected courses. The intent of this project is to facilitate student transfer between community & technical colleges in Washington State. (Note: the state's public and private 4-year colleges & universities are not part of the CCN project.)

Effective fall quarter 2008, Whatcom Community College joined other community & technical colleges in this effort by renumbering and/or renaming approximately 200 existing courses. Here is one example of how a course changed:

CHEM 115 (Basic Chemistry Concepts) changed to CHEM& 121 (Intro to Chemistry)

The ampersand symbol (&) in the Course ID is the CCN designator that identifies this is a common course among the community & technical colleges. This same Course ID will be used at all community & technical colleges that have the equivalent chemistry course. In addition, other Whatcom courses, while not identified as common, were renumbered and/or renamed as part of this project.

Information for Students (click here for printable PDF)

Information for Faculty (click here for printable PDF)

To view a list of course changes, click the following links:

Course ID Changes -sorted by OLD Course ID (PDF)

Course ID Changes - sorted by NEW Course ID (PDF)

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