English Majors


Considering majoring in English?

If you love literature and writing, majoring in English can be very personally fulfilling.  It can also prepare you for a wide range of professions that require first-rate communications skills and an extensive body of cultural knowledge.

Major preparedness is increasingly important in successful transfers to four-year institutions.  College and universities vary in how much English credit is required for English major transfer students, but it's wise to have several English literature and writing courses under your belt, especially common requirements like English 202 (Writing about Literature).

Check out the English Major pages at three major Washington universities to get a sense of how you can best prepare yourself to transfer:

Western Washington University

Washington State University

University of Washington

In all your major-preparedness decisions, be sure to consult WCC’s Advising Office for information.  They’ll be happy to help you explore your options!

Here are lists of our literature offerings for 2012-2013.  These are fairly typical of what we offer from year to year.

Fall 2012

Winter 2013

Spring 2013