Kate Miller



About the teacher and writer: I have a B.A. in Multicultural Studies and Creative Writing from Fairhaven College and an M.A. in English/Creative Writing from Western Washington University. I teach English composition, Native American Literature, and creative writing here at Whatcom Community College. In my previous careers I have been a childcare worker, a cook, a book seller and a book buyer—all good prerequisites for writing and teaching. I am an avid reader, enjoying science fiction, fantasy, young adult fiction, and poetry, among other things. I have written all of my life, in multiple genres, including poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction. I’m currently taking a year- long memoir class and working on a creative nonfiction manuscript called “Inventing Mother”, and playing with numerous drafts of poems. Some of my favorite authors are Joy Harjo, Ursula K. LeGuin, and Sherman Alexie.


Creative Writing is my favorite class to teach because I love being continually amazed by the scope of creative imagination that happens in these classes. Since this course combines fiction and poetry, it gives students who already consider themselves fiction writers or poets both a chance to work on areas they are already exposed to and an opportunity to stretch themselves with new challenges. Writing is a two-step dance. The process of writing, which involves invention and drafting and revising and sharing and revising again, leads to the creation of a poem or short story. In my classes I encourage students to learn and practice new writing tools, to apply these tools to their work, and to enjoy the process as much as the work produced.

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