Donna Rushing



About the teacher and writer: Many years ago my Whatcom Community College Creative Writing teacher and mentor, Judith Azrael, encouraged me to attend Western Washington University to pursue my love for writing creatively. I followed her advice, and received my Bachelors of English with a Writing Concentration, and eventually my Masters Degree in English, with a Creative Writing emphasis.


This is my 15th year teaching at WCC, and I’ve had the good fortune to teach a number of Creative Writing courses over these years. Creative Writing is my favorite class to teach, because the classroom is filled with students who also have a love for shaping their words into little worlds of their own, and they are also happy to explore the fiction and poetry written by others.


The roots of a creative writer often reach deep into our childhoods. I think I always wanted to be a writer (sometime before or after I wanted to be a missionary), because I loved to read and enter those alternate worlds, and wanted to be the kind of person who could write characters fully into being. I felt drawn to write poetry, and as a teenager started keeping journals that collected all of my dreams, as well as my complaints. I enjoy writing alongside students, trying out the things I’m asking them to try, and am still drawn to write poetry regularly. I love writing in form, writing outside of form, experimenting, writing haiku and reading and listening to poetry. I love reading short stories and memoir, and aspire to write a creative memoir.


I hope to work with many more creative writers in my remaining years at Whatcom Community College.

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