English Composition



The composition program at Whatcom Community College introduces students to “college writing,” in all its richness and complexity.  As faculty, we seek to meet students where they are in their academic journey and help them become more aware of themselves as student-writers and as student-scholars.  We seek to help students understand the expectations of academic community, the rhetoric and conventions of academic discourse, and writing as a process of inquiry and communication.  The composition program at Whatcom Community College comprises three core courses: English 100, English 101, and English 102.  All of our core composition courses teach within the same paradigm to the same sets of skills but to different degrees of sophistication and complexity.  In general, ideas of convention, process, idea development, and the analysis and use of sources inform our teaching throughout the sequence.

The "Big Ideas" of the Composition Sequence

English 100 Information

Preparing for the Accuplacer Test and the English Placement Process