Pavilion & fitness center

Whatcom Community College's gym and fitness center is currently under construction and is expected to open in September 2015. All physical education courses will be relocated to other campus buildings. Orca field and the tennis courts will remain open. While the Pavilion is under construction, the Bellingham Athletic Club is offering students a significant discount to use their facilities. Learn more about the new Student Recreation Center and other exciting campus improvement projects here.


Orca field

Orca field is a new, field turf, lighted soccer field, used for intercollegiate, intramural and recreational soccer as well as for physical education classes. If you're a soccer player, we look forward to having you play on our modern, first-class field!


Tennis courts

The College's tennis courts are available on a first-come basis.



To rent any of our athletic facilities, please contact Conference & Event Services at, 360.383.3315 or