Financial Aid FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about financial aid.

What is WCC's School Code?
WCC's school code is 010364. Entering this code on your FAFSA allows WCC to receive and access your application.

How do I receive financial aid information?
Once the Financial Aid Office receives a copy of your FAFSA, you will be sent Email Alerts (to the email address listed on your FAFSA) as various steps of the financial aid process are completed. You can also view your key financial aid information by using the WCC Financial Aid Student Portal.

What is the WCC Financial Aid Student Portal?
The portal is a secure website where WCC students who have applied for financial aid can view their financial aid requirements, awards, checks and special messages online on a 24/7 basis.

What type of financial aid is available through the FAFSA application?
The FAFSA application is the application for the traditional financial aid, which provides necessary information for the Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for Federal and State grants, Federal or State-funded work study, and Federal Stafford Loans.

How do I apply for Loans?
Visit the Stafford Loan Instructions for more information.

How do I get my financial aid disbursement?
Starting with Summer Quarter 2013, financial aid credit balances or refunds will be disbursed by using Higher One Disbursement Services.  Higher One disbursements allow you to choose from a variety of disbursement methods.  For additional information on Higher One and disbursement options please visit Whatcom Choice Card.

How do I know when my financial aid disbursement is available?
Once a disbursement/refund is sent to Higher One (WCC's disbursing partner), the date and the amount can be viewed on the WCC Financial Aid Student Portal.  Availability of funds depends on your selected method of disbursement with Higher One.  There is a 30 day delay for releasing loan funds for first time student loan borrowers.

What is the difference between Program Admission and Registration?
Admissions is the process of applying to a specific program. Registration is enrolling in a specific classes. You must be admitted into a program and you must be registered for classes which are required for your program to be eligible to receive financial aid.

How often do I have to apply for financial aid?
You need to apply for financial aid every academic school year. WCC "priority deadline" is March 15. Remember that the academic school year begins with Summer quarter.

What other online resources are available to me?
There are a number of other online resources available to students.  Here are several: