One of the most important features that makes Whatcom unique is the personalized support that every international student receives. The International Programs office provides a warm and welcoming environment for all international students to access the support that they need in achieving their academic goals. The International Programs staff are friendly, professional, and work hard to create a family-like atmosphere for all international students.


Immigration advising

It is the responsibility of students to understand how to maintain their visa status. U.S. immigration rules and regulations are very complicated and can change at any time. At WCC, we keep up-to-date information about immigration regulations to assist students in maintaining their visa status. At orientation, students learn that the International Student Advisor can assist with any questions or concerns regarding immigration regulations.


Academic planning

From the first day that they arrive at Whatcom, international students work closely with their International Student Advisor to develop their academic plan. The International Student Advisor works with each student to create a plan and reach their academic goals. In addition to quarterly academic advising for every international student, the International Student Advisor is also available for one-on-one appointments to help students with their academic planning.


University transfer

Whatcom's Associate in Arts and Science degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a university. After completing the two-year Associate in Arts and Science degree at Whatcom, students are able to transfer to a university to complete the final two years of their bachelor's degree. The International Student Advisor provides assistance in planning for university transfer in Washington State and to universities across the U.S.


Personal advising

Living and studying in a new country and culture creates many challenges, both academic and personal. The International Student Advisor is available to assist international students with the personal challenges that arise during their studies at WCC.


Visiting Canada

For information about getting a Canadian visa, click here.