Nursing program changes 2015 application scoring

The nursing program has revised application requirements and scoring. Effective fall 2015 (and applications due spring 2015),
  • Applications will be granted an additional 0.25 points for a prior degree or for any military veteran with an honorable discharge or for 1,000+ hours of documented NAC employment. This is an 'either / or' score, not cumulative; i.e., someone with a prior degree and an honorable discharge, may be granted 0.25 points.
  • Personal statements will continue to be given a score between 0 and 20, and then used as a tiebreaker, when needed.
  • The seven prerequisite classes have not changed.

Please contact Entry & Advising to discuss your unique situation.

Applying to the nursing program

Whatcom's nursing program starts each fall quarter and applications are due during the preceding spring quarter.

Fall 2015 nursing program - Applications will be accepted beginning January 19 through to and including the May 14, 2015 deadline.

 You must complete the following steps by the nursing program application deadline to be considered for program acceptance.

STEP 1 - Apply to Whatcom Community College

Students must be enrolled at WCC and have an active student identification number (SID) in order to apply to the RN program and pay related fees.

Apply to WCC online or request a WCC application by email at, by phone 360.383.3001, or in person at the entry/advising office, LDC 116. Once you receive your SID number, proceed to STEP 2.

STEP 2 - Obtain and complete nursing program selective application forms

Download the nursing program application or contact, or by phone at 360.383.3030.

STEP 3 - Pay application fee

Students must pay the application fee ($50) on or before the application deadline to be considered. If submitting payment by mail, include a completed application fee payment form (page 1 of the application).

STEP 4 - Submit the nursing application form and supporting materials by the application deadline

Submit the completed nursing program application and all required supporting documentation in one complete packet. All materials must be received at the WCC Registration/Records Office by the deadline. Your packet should include:

  • Completed Application for Selective Entry Admission form
  • Completed Applicant Checklist
  • Official transcripts from all previously attended colleges where you earned credits that may apply to the RN program
    • A minimum grade of B (3.0 grade point) is required in each prerequisite and general education course
  • Receipt for the $10 purchase of a Washington State Patrol Background check through the WCC Business Office
  • Personal Statement including Smarter Measure results (see details on application form)
  • Documentation showing you are a currently Nursing Assistant - Certified, in Washington State.

Admission is through a competitive application process

The Nursing Program Selection Committee will review applications for acceptance based on the number of available seats. The Selection Committee consists of the RN Program Director and program faculty. Applicants can earn a maximum of 4.25 points. The first four (4) points are the average grade from the prerequisite classes. An additional 0.25 points are granted if an applicant shows proof of a prior degree OR is a military veteran with an honorable discharge OR can prove 1,000 hours of paid employment as an NAC. Applicants will be notified of their status (accepted, alternate or not accepted) six to eight weeks after the application deadline.

Admission to the college does not guarantee admission to a selective entry program. Applicants who were previously accepted into the RN Program and declined acceptance or withdrew after the program started need to reapply and are not guaranteed priority consideration.