MA Program


Associate in Science (AS) Degree/Certificate in Medical Assisting

WCC offers two options for aspiring medical assistants: an AS degree or a certificate. The difference between the two is in the number of general education/related instruction courses that a student completes. The program options run concurrently and are primarily a full-time course of study. The core courses for both the degree and certificate take 4-5 consecutive quarters to complete. All MA degree or certificate programs start each fall quarter annually. Program space is limited and a special application process and fee is required.

All students in the MA degree / certificate program take the same clinical training and administrative skill coursework. Upon graduating from the MA degree or certificate program, students are eligible to take an exam to become Certified Medical Assistants.


Cost of the MA program can be found by clicking here. This information is hosted by Career Bridge. As costs and information can and will change, be sure to contact the MA program or an Advisor for the most current information for planning the funding of your education.

Quarter-by-Quarter Course Sequence

The full-time, face-to-face MA course sequence includes...

 first year
 MA 108 Medical Law and Ethics        2 
 MA 120  Clinical Procedures l       6 
 MA 122  Communications in Healthcare Systems (HR)        4 
 MA 127  Clinical Anatomy and Pathophysiology l        6 
    Total: 18 
 MA 121 Clinical Procedures ll        6 
 MA 123  The Medical Office and Electronics Records        5 
 MA128  Clinical Anatomy and Pathphysiology ll        6
 MA 135 Medical Procedural Coding        3
     Total: 20
 MA 119 Medical Insurances and Finances (CP)       4 
 MA 124  Computerized Medical Billing       3 
 MA 131 Clinical Procedures lll       3 
 MA 136  Pharmacology (CP)       4 
 MA 137  Pharmacology Lab       2
 MA 155 Medical Diagnostics       3
     Total: 19
 MA 140 Practicum       6 
MA 142  Practicum Seminar       2 
    Total: 8 


Study options: the IBEST program

IBEST stands for Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training. An IBEST program is one that allows students who are working on their basic educational skills (English and Math) to study in a professional technical program at the same time. What the student experiences is two teachers in the classroom and an extra support class to ensure full understanding of classroom information.

WCC's IBEST program takes students through the courses for the Medical Front Office Reception or Medical Billing and Coding Certificates in 7-8 quarters. Students must have Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) test scores in a certain range to qualify for the IBEST program. The CASAS test can be taken on the Whatcom campus. Call the Adult Basic Education/English as a Second Language (ABE/ESL) office at 360.383.3060 for more information.

If you think you are interested in this program or would like more information, please email your questions to Entry & Advising or call 360.383.3080.