Employment & Licensing



What can I do as a Medical Assistant (MA)?

MA's are the only healthcare professionals trained specifically for the physician's office and clinic. MA's perform routine clinical and administrative procedures under the supervision of a physician. Most medical assistants work in a physician's office or in an office of other health practitioners such as chiropractors and optometrists.


Upon graduating from Whatcom's MA degree or certificate program students are eligible to take the National Board exam to become Certified Medical Assistants. Additionally, the MA degree and certificate programs have been updated to align with new Washington State laws for MA credentials and scope of practice.

How much can I earn and what is the employment rate?

 average starting wage medical assistant (2012,www.bls.gov) Employment annual growth rate (long-term,estimated) 
 Northwest Washington            $12. 62 1.6%  (Washington Employment Security) 
 Washington State                    $12.59 1.9%  (Washington Employment Security)
 National                                    $10.14 2.9%  (Bureau of Labor and Statistics)