Our online courses are offered in partnership with EducationToGo, a national distributor of quality online education through colleges and universities (including 26 colleges in Washington State). Ed2Go offers more than 250 courses in a wide variety of topics ranging from personal enrichment to professional development. Many of the instructors are published authors and, like our Community & Continuing Education instructors, are experts at bringing out the best in busy adult learners.

Each instructor-facilitated course lasts six weeks, with two lessons to complete each week. Within that framework you are free to learn at your convenience and at your own pace. For course descriptions, a free course demonstration, and other information, please visit our online course website at www.ed2go.com/whatcom.


Registering for Ed2Go courses

Choosing an online course and registering are easy. Follow the guidelines below to sign-up for your favorite Ed2Go courses!

1. Find the Course

You can find a course in two ways. You can look through the class schedule on this website or in our printed schedule. If you would like more information about a particular class, including outlines and instructor bios, please visit our Ed2go website at www.ed2go.com/whatcom.

2. Register with Community & Continuing Education

After you have selected a course, please note the course number. The course number will have a single letter followed by 4 digits (i.e., F2323). The easiest way to register is to call our 24-hour registration line at 360.383.3200. You may also register using our online registration form. After registering, your class receipt will be mailed to you within a couple days. You must be registered with Community & Continuing Education before the start of the course or you risk being removed from the course.

3. Online Orientation

After registering for an online course, you will need to complete an orientation. The orientation is very simple and establishes your login name and password for the course. You will need to complete an orientation for each class you take. Please use the same login name and password for each course to avoid the confusion of multiple names and passwords. You can complete the orientation by going to www.ed2go.com/whatcom and clicking the link marked "Orientation."

4. Complete the Course

You will be able to start your course as soon as the start date arrives. Courses start monthly. Lessons will be available twice a week for six weeks. At the end of the course, you will be able to print a certificate of completion. To see a list of course start dates, please visit our start date page.