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Welcome! A wide variety of film classes are offered here at WCC. Film, like literature, produces narratives that contain mirrors of human experience and all the conflicts, motives, and cultural values that can be found in literature. Our numerous film classes will encourage students to view films with a critical eye, attending not only basic elements of cinematic form, but also an increased awareness of film as art. Please take a moment to explore our yearly offerings.


Courses offered


140_Documentary_Film 160_American_Women_Filmmakers165_Film_Noir180_International

Falter, MichaelFilm Adjunct FacultyFilm, Visual & Performing Arts360.383.3752
Lonac, SusanEnglish Full-time FacultyEnglish Composition & Literature, Film360.383.3534
Potter, NicholasEnglish Adjunct FacultyEnglish Composition & Literature, Film360.383.3990
Winters, BobDivision Chair; English Full-time FacultyEnglish Composition & Literature, Film360.383.3569