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eLearning English Courses


Online and hybrid classes offer a convenient alternative for students who do not wish to or cannot take traditional face-to-face classes. We offer online and hybrid courses for our composition sequence (English 100, 101, and 102) as well as a number of literature, creative writing, and 200-level composition classes.

All WCC online courses are designated OL (such as English 100 OL1, for online section 1) and are taught by Whatcom faculty, the same faculty who teach our face-to-face classes. Thus, you can be assured that you will receive the same attention from the instructor as you would in a traditional class and you will have the same access to the instructor.

Please note that courses designated ONL are hosted by Washington Online, a state-wide consortium; these classes are generally taught by faculty from colleges across the state.

Beginning Spring 2013, all online and hybrid courses uses Canvas as its learning management system (LMS). Face-to-face classes have Moodle as their LMS.

Students can find tutorials and other resources on Whatcom's eLearning page

Whatcom also has a Student Help Desk on the first floor of Heiner Center for eLearning as well as technology issues. Contact or 360-383-3410 for more information.