A gift to the WCC Foundation is a wonderful way to honor a friend's birthday, the birth of a child, a holiday or special celebration. It can also be a meaningful way to mark the passing of a friend or family member who appreciated the significance WCC has on so many in our community. We offer several ways for you to recognize an important person while providing much-needed support to the College.


Honorary Gifts are a meaningful way to pay tribute to a special someone. It may honor a special occasion or achievement, or acknowldge the honoree's importance in your life or the community. We would like to recognize below the honorary gifts that have been made to the WCC Foundation.

  • Steve Adelstein
  • Kurt Anderson
  • Rob Beishline
  • Aaron Booker
  • Anne Bowen
  • Jane Carten
  • Victoria Dahlgren
  • Tim Douglas
  • Robert Fong
  • Bob Goodwin
  • Rosalinda Guillen
  • Michael & David Hagin
  • Harold Heiner 
  • Kathi Hiyane-Brown
  • Beverly Jacobs
  • Nick Kaiser
  • Marge Laidlaw
  • Linda Lambert
  • Jim Lynch
  • Linda Maier
  • Karl Marlantes
  • Lynne Masland
  • Joyce Morse
  • Patricia Morse
  • Chuck & Dee Robinson
  • Phyllis & Charles Self
  • Guy Smith
  • Jim Swift
  • Bob Winters


Memorial gifts are a thoughtful and very special way to honor the life and memory of a beloved friend, loved one or community member. We would like to remember the wonderful people who have memorial gifts made in their name below.

  • Krista Bergquist
  • Michael Buck
  • Curtis Currier
  • Sean Dahl
  • Frank Dion 
  • Helen Durkin
  • John Dworetzky
  • Sam Girouard
  • Iva Sue Grover
  • Denise Guren
  • Alissa Hagman
  • Jeff Heidingsfelder 
  • Judy Hoover
  • Lenore Ivarinen
  • Inez Johnson
  • Dorothy Keenan  
  • Bessie Lambert
  • Jon Leatherbarrow
  • James McKeller
  • David Morse
  • Milt Rawlings
  • Patti Russell
  • Floyd Sandell
  • Everett Sanders  
  • Michael E. Scanlon
  • Linnea Smith
  • Catharine C. (Kitty) Stimpson
  • Jeff Sugarman
  • Delores L. Syre
  • Sylvia S. Thomson

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