Complaints Information

Whatcom Community College is student-centered and most complaints are resolved at an informal level according to the following specific policies:

Complaints about College Services

Please discuss complaints directly with the manager of the department:

Admissions, Registration, State Residency,
Tuition and Fees, Transcripts, and Graduation

Michael Singletary,
Registrar, 360-383-3035
Advising Kathy Barnes
Director, 360-383-3058


Jon Spores,
Bookstore Manager, 360-383-3440

Business and Cashier Services

Ken Bronstein,
Director, 360-383-3365

Community Education

Shandeen Gemanis,
Program Specialist, 360-383-3202

Computer Labs

Computer Helpdesk,

Conference and Event Services

Fred Abitia,
Coordinator, 360-383-3314

Access & Disability Services

Kerri B. Holferty,
Associate Director, 360-383-3043

eLearning and Online Courses

Robin Lisk,
e-Learning Director, 360-383-3275 

Food Services

Judy Vaz,
Director, 360-383-3341

Financial Aid

Dave Klaffke,
Director, 360-383-3016

Facilities and College Grounds

Brian Keeley,
Director, 360-383-3375

Human Resources

Becky Rawlings,
Director, 360-383-3404

International Programs

Kelly Kester,
Director, 360-383-3245

Learning Center

Jason Babcock,
Director, 360-383-3099


Director, 360-383-3295

Media Relations

Mary Vermillion,
Public Information Officer, 360-383-3310

Running Start

Laine Johnson,
Director, 360-383-3126

Student Life, Athletics, The Orca Card

Kristopher Baier,
Director, 360-383-3003

Testing and Access Services

Tawny Townsend,
Director, 360-383-3051

Transfer Issues

If students are having issues with transfer after following campus-specific processes for resolution, they can contact the Transfer Liaison Issue Report Form located on the HECB website at or the Transfer Liaison directly at

Complaints About Unfair Business Practices

The following agencies require students to first exhaust the internal College complaint avenues before they will consider a formal complaint:

  • Students may file a complaint regarding the loss of tuition and fees as the result of an unfair business practice by Whatcom Community College by submitting a request for the appropriate form to the Washington Higher Education Coordinating Board
  • For students enrolled in online courses offered in other states, the following link identifies the authorities for colleges and universities in each state: Complaint Resolution Contacts by State.

Whatcom Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) located at 8060 165th Avenue N.E. Suite 100 Redmond, WA 98052; 425-558-4224