Julin, Sara

Physical Science 104: Finding Things Out: Energy (Winter 2010 LEPS)


Week One:

a. If you have not done so by Wednesday (January 6th, 6 pm), please open the link below and responsd to the two surveys for our course. You will recieve 10 extra credit points for completing this survey. http://cpucips.sdsu.edu/surveys/julin.html

b. You must buy the currciulum materials in the bookstore.. these are presented at cost for you. You are required to bring the materials to class every day. Attendence and preparedness will be recorded.

Physics 221, 222 sand 223 students.

Simulations to help you "get it" about lots of physics ideas: http://phet.colorado.edu/new/index.php

A useful Physics tutorial web site for getting help studying physics: http://www.physics.uoguelph.ca/tutorials/tutorials.html not brilliant, and not fancy, just basic math stuff.

Graphing calculator help site: http://www.prenhall.com/divisions/esm/app/calc_v2/ 

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