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Annual Reports

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Chair and Faculty Sustainable Coordinator

Bob Riesenberg, Psychology faculty

Committee Members

Ward Naf, IT Director
Eli Loomis, Biology faculty
Barry Maxwell, Political Science faculty
Fred Tabor, Philosophy faculty
Janice Walker
, Workforce Education Coordinator
Linda Maier, Dean of Workforce Education
Jan Adams, Advising and faculty
John Toof, ESL faculty Brian Keeley, Facilities Director
Blanche Bybee, Sciences staff
Courtenay Chadwell-Gatz, ESL faculty
Kiki Tommila, Librarian
Tran Phung, Physics faculty
Ken Bronstein, Director of the Business Office, representing Administration


The Sustainability Committee will provide a forum for discussing issues related to sustainability on campus, including curriculum and campus operations, and student co-curricular activities, and formulate appropriate recommendations. The committee membership will include faculty and staff from campus operations and student programs.  The Sustainability Committee addresses Goal 4 of the WCC Strategic Plan:

Goal #4: Model sustainability

  • 4.1: Advance sustainability throughout the campus community
  • 4.2: Integrate sustainability throughout the curriculum
  • 4.3: Implement new "green" certificates and degree pathways
  • 4.4: Partner with community organizations to advocate for sustainability in the local and global arena