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The personal stories of Whatcom's students, alumni, instructors, staff and community partners powerfully convey the College's 45-year tradition of innovation and excellence. Share your story by sending us an email.


"Whatcom helped me to understand my strengths and to hone my identity. I've learned it's not just about graduating, but what you're doing now to build a community and to establish your character. WCC gave me that opportunity. I'm proud to tell everyone about its amazing mix of quality education and caring advisors."

Charles Pope
Pursing transfer degree to eventually study law



"As Admissions Outreach Coordinator, I am able to share my passion and enthusiasm for Whatcom with potential students and community members. My goal is to make sure that students feel connected to Whatcom from the moment they step on campus ... just as I did when I attended the College. I know from personal experience that our small classes, professional technical programs, and co-curricular activities allow every student to find a niche. It is so rewarding to help students find answers, make connections and, ultimately, achieve their academic and life goals."

Grace Jones, Admissions Outreach Coordinator
Whatcom and WWU Alumnae



"Whatcom has acted as a launching pad for my dreams. Every step of the way, I've felt as though I had a support system that I could depend on to guide me in the direction that I need to go. The people at WCC have become my second family, and the campus a second home. One thing that stands out for me is the commitment of the faculty members. I learned so much and succeeded even after being out of school for a while because they took the time to help me. Instructors love the subjects they teach; you'll love it, too. I am so proud to be an alumnus of Whatcom Community College. The connections that I have made while here will benefit me for years to come."

Stacey McGee, 2012 Graduate, All Washington Academic Team
Transferring to WWU to study chemistry with plans to become a pharmacist



“I am Whatcom because of the way Whatcom Community College contributes to our community. It improves civic life by educating students to be engaged community members.  It improves the lives of individuals by providing accessible, quality education that enables them to go on to careers or advanced degrees. You can see the effect Whatcom is having. The time and dollars invested have an immediate pay-off for the students and for our community. There are a lot of worthy causes to support but very few have an immediate impact like this. Whatcom helps to create the thriving, well-educated community in which we all want to live.”

Chuck Robinson, co-owner Village Books and Paper Dreams
Member, WCC Board of Trustees and Foundation Board


"Whatcom is an integral part of our community. We should all be proud of it and support it. To attend a graduation and have the College president ask if there are any grandmothers or full-time working moms, for example, among the graduates and to see people stand up, it's amazing. Those moments make it all worthwhile. Higher education opens doors, but for many people it may be out of reach financially or the thought of walking onto a large campus could be intimidating. Whatcom's welcoming, encouraging atmosphere and affordable tuition break down those roadblocks and create opportunities that change lives. We're excited by the results. We want to encourage everyone to support this gem that we have in our community. It is an incredible asset."

Phyllis and Charles Self, members, President's Circle Founders Club
Phyllis is also a former WCC Trustee and current Foundation Board Director



"For some of our students, this is the first time they've been away from home. That's why Whatcom's family atmosphere is so important. We're focused on giving all our students the support they need to succeed. There are a lot of ways to define success. In our case, we put academics first and athletics second. If we can help students to earn their degree and to play at the next level, we've done our job. Our graduation and placement rates for student athletes are second to none. That's how I define success."

Chris Scrimsher, Athletics Coordinator/Men's Basketball Coach
NWAAC Coach of the Year, 2003 and 2012