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 "I personally have a deep appreciation for the environment so I value Whatcom's commitment to sustainability. From a business perspective, it just makes sense because it limits the cost of our operations. What's different about Whatcom's approach to sustainability is the partnership among administration, faculty, staff and students. Sustainability is part of the classroom curriculum as well as campus operations. As a Facilities Department, we want to carry forward the curriculum and demonstrate through our actions Whatcom's commitment to sustainability. We practice what we teach. We think it's important that our students see that.

One of the main reasons I accepted this position at Whatcom is because I enjoy being with students, being involved with their energy. Students don't see some of the walls we see ... or they see a way around them. That creativity is exciting and, hopefully, helps me to keep my perspective that there are many ways to achieve a goal."

Brian Keeley,  Senior Director for Facilities and Operations


 "I came to Whatcom after experiencing American culture during an intensive English program (AUAP) at WWU. I wanted to spend more time in the United States, so my AUAP instructors told me about Whatcom's International Program. I am always fascinated by American culture ... the humor, compassion, passion, honesty. I just love all aspects of American people. I also really love the natural environment. It's so beautiful here. I feel at home. I'm proud to be a Whatcom student. I'd describe the campus as a huge family, a community. Whatcom's instructors inspire me ... especially my Math instructors. They're very helpful but sometimes challenge students to become better. Outside the classroom, I've had a chance to develop my leadership and communication skills by getting involved as a Student Ambassador, working on the Programming and Diversity Board, at the Office of Student Life and as a Math tutor. I always want to improve myself, and Whatcom gave me that opportunity and supported me throughout."

Koichi Hirata, International Student, Japan
Pursuing a Transfer Degree



"Whatcom is a great place to start your college experience. It's a beautiful campus, and everyone is really friendly. The standards are high athletically and academically, which makes it fun and challenging. I like that the coaches and instructors have a genuine interest in helping you to succeed."

Erika Locker, NWAACC Basketball All-Star
Pursuing Transfer Degree


"The mission of WCC's Veterans Office is to facilitate educational access and foster educational success for every student veteran and their dependents by providing high-quality advising, degree planning, academic support and interventions that maximize a student's VA education benefits and educational objectives. For me, it's personally an honor to be part of someone accomplishing their goals and to see them achieving that goal with pride. For many of these student veterans, they're not just completing their education for themselves; they're trying to provide a better life for their families. We want student veterans to know we're here to help them through all stages of the process from accessing their benefits, to succeeding in the classroom and graduating."

Jarid Corbitt, Veterans Coordinator



 "The things that make Whatcom special are that students are treated as individuals and the incredibly talented people who work here. The faculty and staff are concerned about the success of students. Whether they're here to earn a degree or to start a second career, they will learn how to learn and will gain confidence in their learning ability. Whatcom is demanding; it's not an easy place. But, we help people to excel.  I'm retiring this year and will miss working with my teaching colleagues and staff. There are great people here who are dedicated to helping students. I guess that's what you call the Whatcom Way."

Dr. Wayne Erickson, science faculty, former large-animal veterinarian
Two-time Faculty Excellence Award Winner


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