About Your PDC


The Whatcom Community College Professional Development program is designed to contribute to the professional growth and development of Whatcom's faculty, classified and exempt staff by providing educational opportunities through coursework, seminars, workshops, group activities and attendance at conferences.

More specifically, WCC's Professional Development objectives are to:

  • Provide opportunities to update job knowledge and/or skills in specialty areas.
  • Respond to specific requests from individual employees or supervisors to provide specialized training when necessary.
  • Recognize employees for their role in the success of the College.
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through a campus-wide Wellness program.


The WCC Professional Development Committee (PDC) is made up of representatives from major areas across the College. Please feel free to contact any of us on your Professional Development Committee:


Member Employee Type Ext. Term Expires

Cindy Hoskins, Chair

Administrator x3356 Indef.
Karrie Keenan Classified x3256 2 yr 2015
Fran Hudson Classified x3426 2 yr. 2015
Lana Frazier Classified x3227 2 yr. 2016
Shandeen Gemanis Classified x3202 2 yr. 2016
Ron Leatherbarrow Ex-officio x3222 Indef.
Becky Rawlings Exempt x3404 Indef.
Janis Farmer Exempt x3034 2 yr. 2016
Laura Singletary Exempt x3005 2 yr. 2015
Jamie VanBeek Faculty x3562 3 yr. 2016
Jody Dewilde Faculty x3576 3 yr. 2017
Fred Tabor Faculty x3558 3 yr. 2016
Mary Haberman Faculty x3759 3 yr. 2015