Whatcom Community College offers a variety of employment opportunities, great employee benefits, and a friendly work environment. The College is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and educator, and is strongly committed to enhancing the diversity of its workforce. Select the job category that reflects the type of employment you are seeking and review the currently available job listings.

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Job categories

Administrative/Exempt:  Openings for college administrators and professional/exempt support staff.

Classified positions:  Openings for general or specialized campus permanent support positions that include part- and full-time jobs such as clerical, custodial, computer resources, fiscal, instructional techs, etc. 

Faculty (Full-Time, Tenure Track):  Openings for full-time instructors, counselors and librarians.

Faculty (Adjunct): Openings for part-time instructors, counselors and librarians.

Part-Time Hourly, non-permanent positions:  Openings for positions such as short-term employment, temporary, non-permanent positions, special project positions, etc.


Current job openings

JobTypeApplication DeadlineSalary
Adjunct Accounting Instructor Faculty (adjunct)Open Until FilledAdjunct Salary Scale
Adjunct Clinical Nursing Instructor Faculty (adjunct)Open Until FilledAdjunct Salary Scale
Adjunct Computer Information Systems Instructor Faculty (adjunct)Open Until Filledadjunct salary scale
Adjunct Instructors Vacancy PoolFaculty (adjunct)Open Until FilledAdjunct salary scale
Adjunct Spanish InstructorFaculty (adjunct)Open Until Filledsalary scale
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President For InstructionAdministrative / exemptOpen Until Filled42,000-46,000
Associate Director for Student Life and Development (Extension)Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled53,000-55,000
Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) Workforce Advisor Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled39,000-42,000
Campus Systems Coordinator Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled40,000-44,000
College in the High School Faculty Coordinator Faculty (full-time, tenure track)Open Until FilledRelease time/ Stipend
Coordinator for Student Life and Development Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled41,000-43,000
Custodian - Substitute Part-time hourly / non-permanentOpen Until Filled11.93 Hourly
Director for Academic Advising and Career Services Not SpecifiedOpen Until Filled65,000-70,000
Director for K-12 PartnershipsAdministrative / exemptOpen Until Filled65,000-70,000
Director for Student Success and RetentionAdministrative / exemptOpen Until Filled65,000-70,000
Education Grants Assistant Part-time hourly / non-permanentOpen Until Filled12.42 hourly
Facilities ManagerAdministrative / exemptOpen Until Filled60,000-65,000
Foundation Director Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled67,000-72,000
Pathways Program Project Assistant Part-time hourly / non-permanentOpen Until Filled12.72 per hour
Project Coordinator Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled38,000-40,000
Resident Advisor Administrative / exemptOpen Until FilledStipend plus housing
Student Navigator Administrative / exemptOpen Until Filled40,000-42,000